Ask The Experts: Locker Room FAQs

Ask The Experts: Locker Room FAQs

How many lockers do I need for my site? This will directly correlate to the number of operatives you expect to accommodate

How many benches will I require? Depending on the maximum number of operatives using the changing room at any point… see bench options HERE or contact us to discuss space planning.

How much space should be allocated for locker room equipment? On average, we plan roughly 50sqm per 100 operatives, but this can vary with shift patterns and traffic flow options. For sites with restricted facilities, we offer a mesh basket, cloakroom-style system HERE which offers space saving and greater efficiency.

Do you hire lockers? We offer a rental scheme upwards of 3 months contact us for more information

I ordered 200 lockers. Why have you delivered and invoiced 100 units? Lockers are supplied in “nests.” The most common format is two full-height lockers as one unit – “a nest of two.” Nests of four and six are also popular. See our article HOW IT WORKS for more details

Do the lockers come with padlocks? As standard, the lockers are supplied without padlocks. Operatives usually prefer to supply their own, but we can provide a quote to supply padlocks if you wish to include them in the installation.

What is the lead time on locker installation? Generally, for the best range of options we work on a 6-week turnaround, but some requests can be dealt with more quickly. Call us today to see what we can do!

I can’t see a locker option here that suits my requirements. Do you do any other types? We can source or build lockers to suit your needs. Simply get in touch and we’ll find a solution for you!