Workplace social distancing solutions

Workplace social distancing solutions

The Locker Room has been working with suppliers and designers to provide socially distanced equipment schemes

Keeping sites open and running during COVID-19 crisis has been a challenge for every contractor. Over the past few months, we’ve helped to develop some quick fixes and long-term solutions to enable our clients and their staff to remain operational.

Our designers have reconfigured existing changing rooms and supplied planning options for new spaces as the industry has grappled with systems to achieve best-practice.

The single-seat canteen unit has enabled Multiplex to provide a safe environment for site operatives to take their breaks in. This has achieved recognition on the Considerate Constructors Scheme Best Practice Hub and the concept has been taken on by several other sites since.

Changing room solutions have featured new layouts to incorporate changing space between lockers, minimising distances travelled by operatives within the facility and increasing the space between those getting changed.

Further reducing risk and helping to achieve an efficient flow of individuals on and off sites, is the wire-mesh basket system, which features a cloakroom-style setup, with carefully spaced and easy-to-clean benches. You can find out more about how this system can greatly improve adherence to social distancing and site safety HERE

Further social distancing planning and products have been incorporated elsewhere, including perspex screens for induction rooms and receptions, revised desk arrangements and new breakout layouts. Find out more about office products here

If you are looking for cost effective workplace social distancing solutions, get in touch with our team today. The TCi group can provide furniture and fit-out services for construction and corporate environments.

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